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Trailer Inspection

In the words of well known recording artist Neil Young, “Rust never sleeps.” And as boat owners, don’t we know that all too well.

And almost as often as we hear a fellow angler state “He spit the hook before I could get him in the boat”, on the heels of that comes “Wow, it wasn’t like THAT the last time I towed the boat.”

Yes, it seems that even when we aren’t watching, perhaps even more so, rust is doing it’s job. Creating corrosion and damage in all the nooks and crannies and despite our best efforts at keeping things clean and corrosion free, it still happens.

And as those of us with trailerable boats know all too well, if you can’t make it to the launch ramp then your day of fishing is over before it even starts.

Why not let the Team @ Affordable Marine Trailer Service inspect your trailer. Not only for current problems but for problems that may arise when you least want nor expect it.

That way you can continue on with your day of fishing as planned rather than spend it on the side of the freeway, awaiting a flatbed tow truck.

Give us a call @ 619.578.5979 or email us thru the contact form below and we can schedule an appointment at your convenience. Or even better yet, next time you’re having your boat serviced @ Affordable Marine Service, we’ll be more than happy to take a look around your trailer and make any recommendations in regards to the maintenance and service of your trailer.

Boating peace of mind. It’s something as boating enthusiasts we all strive for and it’s not as elusive as one might think. Get some peace of mind of your own by giving us a call and scheduling an appointment today!

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